Our annual event isn't just beer. It isn't just music. It has become a cultural phenomenon that's home to so many activities, you might need to attend more than one session to experience them all! From fun, to educational, to downright zany...The Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival has fun for everyone...over the age of 21, of course.

Check out the list below, that's being updated regularly for what's happening BEYOND THE BEER!



Introduced in 2016, a massive hit for the event! You'll battle it out with 10-12 other hungry wing lovers. Each session will have it's own competition and will crown one winner! Competition is exactly 2 hours into the festival, at the half-way mark of each session. Registration is first come, first served at the Wingcraft Back Stage behind the Main Stage.



Did you know that the Silent Disco Craze in the U.S. started years and years ago right here at our Event? True story! Even if you are a little shy to strap on some headphones and get down, it's just as awesome as a spectator sport! 

The Hatchet Toss


We met with the good people over at Choppers Hatchet House and both agreed that drinking beer and tossing hatchets at the festival was a great idea.  Come out and let your inner-lumber jack free!




So many great humans come to the festival dressed to impress so we thought it was a miss not to reward that. Level Up Entertainment and The Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival are excited to bring you The Level Up Costume Contest. Register at Level Up Booth for a chance to win great prizes at the following times: 

Session 1- 10:30pm

Session 2- 2:15pm

Session 3- 8:15pm

Did we mention the Retro Gaming lounge is back? Kick back. Take a load off. Throw some turtle shells at your neighbor...wait what? We mean on the video game consoles. Plenty of selection for retro digital fun at your fingertips!

So, You think you know Beer?

Sponsored by The Atlantic City Beard & Mustache Club

What if we told you we created a game show for those who fancied themselves beer gurus or know it alls? What  if we told you we've got $500 for anyone who can guess 5 beers blind tasted? 

The great humans at the Atlantic City Beard and Mustache club will host what is going to be an Atlantic City Beer Festival staple. We challenge you and all you know about beer in, "So you think you know beer"!


Last year a ton of people broke the seal early and before we knew it we had bathroom lines. That’s not acceptable! We've got a fix that will tickle your funny bone. We've made having to "pee" an entertainment opportunity. 

Ladies and gentlemen we introduce to you...“SH!TTY JOKES”! At this year's festival, we’ve added over 50 Porto-Johns with entertainment smack in the center! Our friends at Marsolluna + Co.helped us put together a fun batch of comedians to entertain and interact. "SH!tty JOKES" will featureThe Reverend Bob LevyChrissie MayrAMarie Castillo, Andre Kim and Joe Conte. Can you laugh and hold it in? Or will you pee yourself laughing? Good Luck! 


Sponsored by The New Jersey Lottery

YEAH, you've played bag toss games in your back yard, at local bars, or at a friend's bbq...but you've never played the game like this.

12' x 24' boards with full-sized beanbag chairs that you hurl across the room. Yeah. WATCH OUT!!

The Beer Cup Derby

Presented by Market Power Apps

Some time you just have to horse around! The Beer Cup Derby is a one of a kinda challenge your friends experience.  Who in your group is the thoroughbred?  Braggin rights to the winner.  Grab a horse and hold on!

Big Ballin!

Presented by The Wonder Bar

Last year it was all about the "wonder balls" this year try your luck "Big Ballin" with Brian and the crew from the one and only Wonder Bar Atlantic City.  This is going to be a spectacle you'll want to witness. 

$5.00 get your 2 passes and we all know you want to give it a shoot!  


Free Play Arcade

Cut loose and challenge your homies to a pinball play off. Bust out your inner pinball wizard as the Atlantic City Beer Festival offers our attendees a free-play arcade, featuring over 30 classic pinball and video games. 

"What The Duck" 

Cardinal Bistro Presents

Cardinal Bistro Presents

Our buddy Chef Michael Brennan from Cardinal Bistro takes festival goers on a journey of "Ducking" flavor! Witness and taste as MIchael shows you the ins and outs of "That Mother Ducker" with beer yeast fry bread, drunk duck confit, manchego and bacon cheese sauce paired with Atco Brewing Company Dust Raiser.


Demo times are:

Session #1 - 9:15pm 

Session #2 - 1:15pm

Session #3 - 7:15pm

"Piney BBQ Balls" 

Chef Pam Green Presents

The Seed and Jean Pierre's Chocolat present

A Living Palette - "A Beer and Chocolate Pairing"

Festival cooking stage alumni Chef Pam Green and her friends at Pinelands Brewing Co will fill your faces with flavor. Chef Pam give festival attendees the 411 on Smokey BBQ Meatballs" cooked with Cockeyed Milk Stout. Pull up a seat and get your taste buds ready!


Demo times are:
Session #1 - 10pm

Session #2 - 2pm

Session #3 - 8pm

Come join us for A Living Palette – A Beer and Chocolate Pairing during your AC Beer and Music Festival session!  Hosted by The Seed: A Living Beer Project and Jean Pierre Chocolat, this short 30 minute seminar will lead guests through a thoughtfully curated pairing of four chocolates and four beers, including some rare beer not available anywhere else within the festival!  Gain a more in depth understanding of 4 distinct beer styles, ranging from rich barrel aged stout to mixed culture funky Saison, as well as 4 unique and beautifully crafted French chocolates (may contain nuts) created specifically for this pairing.  You’re not going to want to miss this opportunity to be lead through a tasting of world class beer and world class chocolate amongst the excitement of the festival!

Tuned Up Tuned in

Podcasting stage

With so much going on at the festival we want to make sure you are all caught up on anything you might miss! Get the inside scoop from your favorite Brew Masters and be entertained by the podcast personalities and their posse. You can follow them and their beer world updates all year long 'til we meet at Beer Fest once again.

This festival would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsor partners.