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We want to send you on a tour of the Garden State's finest watering holes. Aside from the adventure, discovery, and memories, you have the chance to earn a free ticket to the Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival in 2022! We gave away dozens of tickets in our inaugural year and can't wait to follow along on your beer-ventures once again!

For attendees to get started they will need to find a brewery that has the passports and make your first stop to that parade of requesting a passport one passport per customer two starter adventure.  We made the suggestion to consumers that if they’re looking to get a passport to contact the brewery in advance to make sure they have some available.  There are a total number of 600 passports out there in the universe.  Once a patron has a physical passport they then will start their passport adventure by visiting breweries and getting stamps. Keep in mind by ABC regulations there is no purchase necessary but we assume people least get a flight at T shirts swag or something.  The goals for the passport remain as a driver and finical support ideally this works out as close to prior years as possible.  Sorry for the group message the group message but it was the easiest way to communicate with everyone at once.  You should be getting requests as we speak for passports if you have any questions at all do not hesitate to reach out.  Thanks for participating in the Atlantic City beer and music festival and thank you for being a part of our brewery passport.


1. Visit each of the participating brewery and score your stamp breweries

2. Buy a beer

3. Get your book stamped with the official NJ Brewery Passport Stamp

4. Mail-in your completed passport before March 2nd, 2023 

To redeem your ticket* send your fully stamped passport with contact information to:


The Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival

222 New Road, Unit 403

Linwood, NJ 08221

*You will receive only one ticket per completed passport; no exceptions. 

Participating Breweries

Over Achievers! 

Although not necessary, we here at The Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival LOVE to see the extra effort some of our craft beer enthusiasts put into the challenge! Here are some of our favorites! 

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